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Vertical filming – I shouldn’t get annoyed, but I do…

Words can’t describe the hatred I feel for videos recorded on mobile phones held vertically (i.e. portrait).  It’s not like we have only just got used to the concept of recording videos as the function has been available for many years.  However, people still seem to have a brain disconnect when recording.  Yes, it’s easier to hold a phone vertically but don’t worry about everyone else that has to watch it.  

I quite like this excerpt…

Every time you see a video shot in portrait mode on YouTube or Facebook, you should weep for humanity and its inability to teach individuals how to shoot video so it fits properly into the same shape as the TV they watch in their homes. How much more brainwashing can society be expected to bestow on humans than non-stop video in the form of television, movies, and commercials shoved into their faces since birth? It’s a standard we should all know.

Source : Wired Magazine

I know it’s not the primary reason but our eyes are spaced apart like this for a reason.  Perhaps in a gazillion years time we’ll evolve to have vertically placed eyes as a direct consequence of this frustrating phenomena…  Until then though, turn the phone around, yeah?